Learning is about so much more than what happens in the classroom or online.

Sydney attracts international students from all over the world because it is an ideal location in which to study and pursue your professional career.

As a NAPS student, you will have the opportunity to enjoy pristine beaches, a laid-back lifestyle and a safe and welcoming multi-cultural community who are living, working, studying and playing together in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The NAPS Student Services team are happy to support you as you learn, work, play and live so that you can experience the best that Sydney has to offer. Your first adventure will be finding the right place to make your home base. Increase your chances of finding the ideal place at a good price for you by not leaving it to the last minute.


NAPS’ proximity to Central Station and light rail services means it is easy to reach NAPS from any areas of Sydney serviced by public transport.

Consider accommodation provided by members of the Student Accommodation Association who cater specifically for students. See the wide range of options at: Student Accommodation Association (SAA) website https://studentaccassoc.com.au/.

Other accommodation options are:

The cheapest option is usually shared housing, but learn what you need to know to avoid potential problems before you commit. Visit Tenants NSW at https://www.tenants.org.au/factsheet-15-share-housing.

Explore websites such as realestate.com.au and domain.com.au to find local share houses and apartments.

For further guidelines on finding accommodation as an international student, see https://www.study.sydney/live/accommodation.


As a NAPS student, you can earn some money and gain valuable work experience while you study, subject to your visa conditions.

That is because NAPS international students who meet Government requirements are eligible for international student visas which in Australia give permission for full-time students to work for up to 40 hours every two weeks during the academic year or full-time during recognised holidays. Check your eligibility at: Student Visas (link to https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/student-500)

For general information on work experience and opportunities see StudyNSW/workhttp://www.study.sydney/work.


NAPS is also an ideal base for enjoying life in Sydney and beyond for both international and domestic students.

NAPS will share news about exciting experiences with students via Moodle and on our notice boards. Students will be encouraged and equipped to get together to attend a wide range of events and social activities including cultural events, sightseeing and social activities throughout the year, not just during orientation week.

For a sample of the sort of social opportunities available, search on ‘Sydney things to do’ and discover useful guides for visitors and locals such as:





For further information about all that Sydney has to offer you can also explore these websites:

  • Tourism NSW Sydney 
  • Explore the National Parks within easy reach of Sydney
  • Investigate the greener side of the city and surrounds by using the Green Map of Sydney to access nature-based recreational areas and activities available in NSW.


NAPS supports all its students to adjust to studying in Sydney CBD because achieving your learning goals is about more than studying. 

For international students, NAPS provides a culturally appropriate orientation program. 

The NAPS Student Handbook (particularly section D Student Support) and NAPS Student Services staff are there to help you with the transition to living and studying in a new environment. They can provide advice on everything from dealing with an emergency to finding a local doctor, to using public transport to cyber safety.

StudyNSW/Live  also has excellent information on the practical aspects of everyday life in Australia.

For more details on student life at NAPS see Student Services



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