The following NAPS Policies specifically apply to student needs.

Student Services Policies 

SS001 Student Grievance and Academic Appeals Policy and Procedure
SS002 Posthumous Awards Policy
SS003 Student Transfer Policy
SS004 Domestic Student Refund Policy
SS005 International Student Fee Refund Policy
SS006 Statement of Tuition Assurance
SS007 Student Orientation Policy and Procedure
SS008 ePortfolio Opportunity Requirements
SS009 Student Prizes and Awards Policy
SS010 Skills Framework And Skills Hub
SS011 Students at Risk: Early Intervention Policy
SS012 Student at Risk: Early Intervention Procedure
SS013 Student Progression and Exclusion Policy
SS014 Student Progression and Exclusion Procedure
SS015 Student Selection and Admissions Policy and Procedure
SS016 Recognition of Prior Learning Policy
SS018 Conferring Awards Policy and Procedure
SS019 Student Code of Conduct Framework

SS019C Student Code of Conduct
SS020 Enrolment Policy and Procedure
SS021L Graduation Checklist for Students
SS022 Graduation Policy and Procedure
SS024 Student Representation Policy
SS027 Student Supports Policy and Procedure

Other Key Policies for Students

013 Voluntary Code of Best Practice for NAPS Governance
A001 Academic Course And Unit Development And Review Policy
A002 Academic Freedom Policy

A003 Intellectual Property Policy
A004 Assessment Policy
A005 Examination Policy and Procedures
A006 Moderation Policy and Procedures
A007 Experiential Learning Policy
A008 Course Teach-Out Policy and Procedure
A009 Student Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure 2020
A010 Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure
HR002 Access and Equity Policy
P014 Fees And Charges Policy
P006 Copyright Policy

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