Applying for admission

To be considered for selection, applicants must lodge a Domestic Student or International Student Application Form and supporting documentation as requested on the form.

Prospective students who wish to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) must indicate this intent on the Student Application Form and also complete the Recognition of Prior Learning Form.

To be considered for a place at NAPS, applicants must submit their application on time, in the correct manner and format, and complete with all required documentation.


Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria and be assessed as having the ‘likelihood of success’ in the program before they will be considered for admission.

Applicants identified as eligible will then be ranked in comparison to one another and offers will be made in order of highest rank in terms of academic performance, English language proficiency and educational background. 

 The Admission Committee will review applications and identify applicants who meet Academy’s entry requirements. NAPS limits the number of places in a program to ensure quality teaching and facilities.

Acceptance of offers

Offers to successful applicants will be made from the Admissions Office via email, post or phone. Expiry dates for offers are specified at the discretion of Academy.

An Acceptance of Offer form must be completed, signed and lodged and tuition fees must be paid before the application can be processed.

Requests for deferral of offers of up to one academic year can be made to the Admissions office with decisions made at the discretion of the office.

For more details see SS015 Student Selection and Admissions Policy and Procedure.

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