To claim a refund, complete SS015F Refund Request Form, ensure all documented evidence of the reason for withdrawal are attached and return the form to the Student Services Manager.

Eligible refunds will be refunded within 28 days of receipt of the claim.

A Refund Processing Fee of $250 will be charged for processing refunds. The $250 Application Fee is not refundable.

All refunds will include a statement explaining how the refund amount was calculated.

Any refunds will be paid to the student. NAPS may provide the refund to the following persons or agencies other than the student and or in the following circumstances: 

  • Where a student provides evidence that the initial payment was made by that third party and the student requests that the refund be made to that third party
  • A third party which is a scholarship provider or a sponsor of the student 
  • Another Australian institution if the student is released by NAPS to that institution and the students requests NAPS to provide the refund to that institution. (A copy of letter of offer from the other institution must be provided)
  • the continuing student has enrolled in a course at another Australian education institution (copy of letter of offer from the other institution must be provided) - the refund will be transferred to the new provider

This refund policy does not remove students’ rights to take further action under Australian Consumer Protection Laws.

Staff are responsible for referring all enquiries regarding fees, charges and refunds to the NAPS Registrar.

Unit Reassessment Fees

At the start of every unit, each student will be given information on the unit and a delivery schedule in the unit outline.  The unit outline also includes information on assessment. A student who fails a unit may be offered the opportunity for reassessment in the unit in accordance with the Academy’s assessment policy.

There are fees for reassessment: A $150 per unit.

During the unit, your lecturer will maintain your individual assessment records in both hard and soft copy.

Any plagiarism on assessments will result in a $250 fee for reassessment per unit.

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