NAPS' refund policies apply to both new and re-enrolling students. For more details see:

All requests for a refund must be submitted on SS015F Refund Request Form and the Academy needs to be shown the official documentary evidence of the grounds for the request.

Refunds apply only to tuition fees and will only be paid to the applicant through an Australian Dollar draft or through a nominated bank account. The initial application fee to NAPS is not refundable. The relevant policies provide guidelines as to when students are eligible for a full or partial refund, and when they are not eligible. Students can appeal a decision not to provide a refund by completing SS001F Appeals and Complaints Form and sending it to:

Total Refund of Tuition Fee

A total refund will be granted under these circumstances:

  • In the unlikely event that NAPS is unable to provide the course for which an offer has been made, an alternate offer of a place will be offered at no extra cost to the students, as well as an option for a refund.
  • An offer of a place is withdrawn by NAPS (The exception is when the offer was made based on intentional incorrect information provided by the student – then there will be no refund).
  • The applicant is unable to obtain a visa from an Australian Consular Office.

Applications for a total refund on the above grounds must be lodged at least two weeks before the start of the term for which the offer is made.

If an international student seeks a refund because of their inability to secure an Australian student visa, this will be granted when they provide a certified copy of the official letter of visa application rejection by the Department of Home Affairs with their form. 

Guide to Proportion of Fees Refunded

80% of the full fee when the student gives at least four weeks written notice of not proceeding with enrolment before the start of the course;

  • 50% of the full fee when the student gives written notice of not proceeding less than four weeks before the start of the course, but before the NAPS set census date;
  • for student transfers to a second course within NAPS without completing the first course after commencement, the tuition fee paid for the 1st course will be credited on a pro-rata basis towards the tuition fee of the 2nd course. If the credited amount is greater than the total cost of the second course, no refund will be applicable.
  • the proportion of the refund will be decided on a case by case basis if a student has withdrawn from a course due to illness or compassionate grounds.

Rejection of Refund

A student will not be eligible for any proportion of the tuition fee to be refunded if:

  • the application is made after the NAPS census date, even if the student withdraws before completing the program. In this case, the student is liable to pay the full tuition fee and also any expenses, costs or disbursements incurred in recovering the tuition fees.
  • the terms and conditions of the contract between the student and NAPS are breached so NAPS cancels the student’s enrolment. This is the case even if it is after the census date. This includes if false or misleading information was made in the application forms or during study
  • the student’s enrolment is terminated due to a serious breach of NAPS rules or a breach of visa conditions including non-attendance or unsatisfactory progress; and
  • cancellation of CoE and Reporting for breach of student visa conditions, conditions of enrolment and/or National Standards (Unsatisfactory Attendance, Unsatisfactory Academic Progress, Non-payment of Fees, etc.)

If a student defers their enrolment for a later start date, then their tuition fees will be held by the Academy until their selected course start date. If the student then does not return to start the course on the approved date, they will not be eligible for a refund.

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