Be Job Ready

We seek to prepare our graduates to be job-ready so that they can ‘hit’ the professional ground running. 

NAPS knows that one of the most important concerns of students and employers is that students acquire skills and experience that will enable them to add value in their career from day one.  

Student Professionals in Business Society

The NAPS Student Professionals in Business Society is a student-driven initiative which will provide students with a forum to discuss their business, accounting, management, finance, marketing and related professional issues.

It is a forum to explore career opportunities, organise networking events and engage with NAPS academics, government and industry. For expressions of interest please speak to the Student Services team.

Careers Markets and Pathways

NAPS will organise careers market days to help students meet potential employers and develop their contacts and job seeking skills.

Career Pathways for Business Graduates

As a high percentage of tomorrow’s jobs are not even created yet, a business degree with its multi-disciplinary perspectives offers the background, skills and flexibility that will serve you well in a wide range of potential careers.

Careers for business graduates include:

  • accounting
  • advertising
  • banking, investment
  • financial services
  • general management
  • HR/personnel
  • management
  • management consultancy
  • marketing
  • public relations
  • retail management
  • sales and marketing.
  • insurance
  • business analyst
  • product manager
  • project manager
  • risk manager
  • financial journalist

The career potential of a business degree is also shown by the fact that the majority of jobs held by graduates in any given year are related to business. This is one reason why business faculties in universities around the world are among the largest. It is also why those without a business degree often decide to come back to university to pursue an MBA, which in effect is a business degree for those who have worked for a period and discovered that they need to learn more in-depth business skills if they are to get ahead.

Professional Associations

At NAPS we encourage our business students to join professional business associations for networking opportunities and the latest news of developments in the industry.

Read more at Professional Accreditation.

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